An Overwhelming Love for Nothing in Particular (Lyrics)

Make a Note of This

At 8:37 a.m.
Due to causes beyond my control
I felt a momentary flicker
Of joy in my soul
It was the 23rd of March, 2004
I grabbed my lunch
And headed out the door

Then at 10:47
On a day gray and inconspicuous
I was struck by an overwhelming love
For nothing in particular
Unmistakable the feeling
On that 30th of May
A split-second fix for 2006
Then it went away

Make a note of this
Let the record show
It's statistically unlikely
But it's possible, you know
Don't let anybody tell you
It's all just misery and pain
If it's been known to happen
It can happen again

Then on November 22nd, 2010
At 5:15 in the afternoon
I was briefly content
Unscripted and unbidden
It caught me off my guard
Raking leaves in the failing light
In the corner of my yard

Some time in the not-so-distant future
You will be walking up some road
The sun will appear through a hole in the heavens
And your heart will explode
Your borders will be porous
Your resistance will melt
Think of this little chorus
And sing it to yourself

Make a note of this
Let the record show
That it's statistically unlikely
Well that means it's possible, you know
Don't let anybody tell you
It's all just misery and pain
If it almost never happens
It can happen again
Make a note of this

My Superpower

I have a superpower
If only in my mind
I cannot see through matter
But I can see through time
I cannot walk on water
Or roam the earth unseen
But I know where you're heading
And I know where you've been

See that broken widow
Creaking down the street
I can see the young men
Wilting at her feet
The wrinkles and the silver
Are an excellent disguise
For the flower of the Mission
With the fire in her eyes

I have a superpower
Though you might never guess
I've tried it out at parties
No one is impressed
I will not be a hero
In interplanetary war
I am not superhuman
But human more and more

To you, a local beauty
Tearing up the world
To me, an ancient woman
Trapped in the body of a teenage girl
Helpless as an infant
Crawling for the light
After 30,000 days
And 30,000 nights

The toddler and the titan
The sullen, sulking teen
Dowagers and debutantes
And all stops in between
The costumes are convincing
But I can see right through 'em
I feel for these mortals
My heart goes out to 'em

I have a superpower
This didn't use to be
But over time its magic
Has revealed itself to me
You will not see me flying
In the skies above
I'm down here on the pavement
In a force field of love

A Few Observations About Love

Love is not always sweet
It does not always bathe you in its glow
Sometimes it smells like defeat
And tastes like old boiled crow
Love is not always grand
It might not set you free
I'm not saying it can't
But there's no guarantee
It sounds so ecstatic
It sounds so evolved
But it gets problematic
When there're people involved
Love is not always fair
It does not always fall where it is deserved
It might look different from there
But this I have observed

Love is not all you need
You need other things, too
It's a lovely idea
If not actually true
Love is not always fun
It can make you feel sick
Turning a cheek
When you'd much rather kick some ass
It's easy to say
And it's easy to sing
You can sing it all day
And not love anything
I think everyone sees
Though it's kind of uncool to admit it
Great though it may be
Even love has its limits

When the cameras have stopped
And the orchestra's gone
When there's nobody watching
When there's no one around
There is a love
That quietly waits
Behind hospital doors
And terminal gates
It sits in the hallway
It's there in the dark
And it's keeping the world
From falling apart
That's a hell of a task
For one little word
I know you didn't ask
But this I have observed

Fait Accompli

You've been crushing me for years now
And there's no reason to believe it will stop
And it's my intuition you're reciprocally smitten
And I could be wrong, but I'm not
To raise the topic would be catastrophic
The question is out of the question
It's lame to suppress it
Insane to express it
But I've got another suggestion

You know I know you're no ingénue
And I've been around a bit
We'd have no trouble solving this puzzle
We know how the pieces fit
But if the point of the whole thing
Is the soul touching soul thing
Then we have much to confess
Our race is run before it's even begun
Before anyone's even undressed

What do we dare call this non-affair
Between you and me?
Over and done, in a foreign tongue
Fait accompli

You can have a grand romance
In a single, naked glance
And your cover may never be blown
It follows no orders
And stops at no borders
Love has a mind of its own
We can act out this drama
All the joy and the trauma
And tear our lives to sheds
Or we can conclude this brief interlude
And cut to the credits instead

But if we say it en français it
Sounds so much more sexy
C'est tout, c'est bien
As they say on the Seine
Fait accompli

No sweet peut être
No raison d'être
No risqué rendez-vous
No tète a tète
Avec brunette
No ménage a deux
No ooh la la
No je ne sais quoi
No dangerous liaison
No laissez faire
In my pied a terre
May we, madame?
Mais non!

Allo, adieu, how was it for you?
Was that not the perfect parfait?
All right, it's twisted
But what has never existed
Can never be taken away
We should be glad for the time that we've had
Before they strike up the band
The stage is set for our final duet
Of je ne regrette rien

And though we may not want
This dénouement
What will not be will not be
We'll say je t'adore
And shut the door
Fait accompli
C'est tout, mon amour
I will say no more

A Better View

It is the light that strikes you first
When first you light upon this place
A light that leaves you with the sense
That you are stepping into grace
A certain magic in the air
A certain kind of shimmering
That legendary golden glow
Illuminating everything

So glad to find a better you
Than the one you left behind
Anywhere's got a better view
Than the inside of your mind

The change, it happens bit by bit
Hour by hour and day by day
The magic slowly disappears
The colors start to drain away
In creeps the fog of discontent
You blink, and twenty years have passed
You wonder, "Is it me or has it
Always been this overcast?"

Old self catches up with new
And more and more you find
This town takes on the dreary hues
Of the inside of your mind

Perched on that rocky little island
How clear is your vision?
Does this look like a park to you
Or do you see a prison?
Standing in the sunset
Gazing out the gate
Does it feel like 30 years to life
Or a great escape?

And if you focus hard enough
Close your eyes and catch your breath
Think back on those golden days
You'll feel the glow inside your chest
The sun sends out its lifeless rays
But you provided all the grace
And if there was magic in the air
It was because you put it there

Welcome to your next life
Your mission is to find
A way to light the outside world
With the inside of your mind
And may you find a happiness
Not bound by space or time
And radiate it outward
From the inside of your mind

We Make War

We used to make clothes
We used to make shoes
We made our own nails
And wire and screws
We made it, and we'd trade it
But there's no margin in that anymore
So now, instead, we make war

Toasters and clocks, ladles and knives
The every tools of workaday lives
Vacuums and blenders
God, what a bore
Now, instead, we make war

We cut down the trees
We dug up the ore
We laid down the rails
With the steel we had poured
We worked pretty hard
Now we're done with the chores
And now we can concentrate on war

We figured it out
It's what we do best
And little by little
We outsourced the rest
We took all these jobs
And we sent them offshore
And now we're free to make war

Here I sit with my joystick and my drone
Fighting the war on terror from the comfort of my home

Nobody knows
How this economy runs
But business is booming
So we stick to our guns
Turn mistakes into movies
And sell them back to the poor
And from now on we make war

I am So Gonna Rock the Apocalypse

I can hear you from my outhouse
You precious little pricks
Tittering into your iphones
On your way to your caffeine fix
You're laughing at my burro
You're laughing at my shack
With the scrap heap in the front yard
And the chickens `round the back

But pretty soon, it won't be long
The system will implode
The fabric will unravel
And the order will erode
And while I'm no great sensation
In this incarnation
I can tell you this:
I am so gonna rock the apocalypse

I tell you what
I'll give it up
You kids have got me beat
My knowledge superseded
My tools are obsolete
The skills I have acquired
Are useless in your world
Like how to run a blowtorch
Or how to skin a squirrel

When they're shattering the plate glass
And shuttering the banks
I'll be here with my windmill and rainwater tanks
And while you little snots
You tweeting twats
Are tripping on your dicks
I am so gonna rock the apocalypse

I will be trending
My star ascending
Above the doom and gloom
When you're begging for scraps
From my 'possum traps
Who'll be friending whom?

With a silo full of bourbon
And a bunker full of spam
I'm laying low and waiting for the shit to hit the fan
And if we don't start headin'
To Armageddon
Man, will I be pissed
Cause I am so gonna rock
There'll be lines around the block
I am so gonna rock the apocalypse

There Goes Despair

There goes despair
Driving past my front porch in his '65 BelAir
Round and round with the top rolled down
With the same veiled threats
And his menthol cigarettes
Morning, noon, and nightfall
Tinted glass and whitewalls
There, there, there

There he goes again
With his greasy little headband
And his greasy little grin
Gone, with the 8-track on
Tony Orlando and Dawn
And passing notes of Hall and Oates

Note the grinding gears
They don't escape my ears
Been dogging me for years

Here, you won't believe it's me again
Only now I'm riding shotgun
With my new best friend
Doing loop de loops in that evil coupe
Singing along to a Huey Lewis song
And to my left
Screaming "It's hip to be square"
There goes despair

Amazing Healing Power

What have you done with your shoes, my friend?
Didn't you think you would need them again?
What have seen that is so divine
That you'd walk over broken glass to find them again?
No roof, bulletproof, a god among men
The amazing healing power of heroin

Still breathing and warm to the touch
Here is a woman who knows too much
She's had a taste of a world beyond pain
And she'll never be married to this one again
She's watching the angels dance
On the head of a pin
The amazing healing power of heroin

There's a snapshot in a scrapbook
Somewhere in Kansas
God, she was cute in her pigtails and her boots
It could crush your soul in a single look
They should probably just burn that book

I was leaving the station and you gave me a start
You were there in the corner
Punching a hole through the bottom of my bleeding heart
What am I to do with this grief?
What do you prescribe for relief?
Old school, still cool, ten out of ten
Amazing, healing

Why Not Me?

Why Me?
Why not me?
Do I think the fates forgot me?
That strikes me
As unlikely
Could there be a better fall guy?
If I can't win 'em all, guy
Then why not me?

Why not me?
There's no good reason
It's open season
There's no limit
And we're all in it
Well could it be
There is no redemption
But there are no exemptions

So why not here?
Why not now?
Here, in the prime of my life
No time's the right time
When it's your turn underneath the knife

Why not me?
I won't leave a dry eye
If they only got the bad guys
How sappy would that be?
We shall see
If I go down swinging
Or I go down singing
Why not me?

Ranshofen, 1889

Where were the seers when we needed them
On that snowy April morn
In that sleepy little hamlet
When that baby boy was born?
A fateful entry was recorded
In a humble country inn
And the only chill reported
Was in the icy mountain wind

And what if you had seen that vision?
Had dreamed that horrifying dream?
And heard the tearing of the fabric
In that little baby's scream?
Would your faith be so unshakable
That you could crush him as he lay?
So helpless and so breakable
And who'd believe you anyway?

Can you spot the monster
Before he learns to crawl?
To be absolutely certain
You'd have to kill them all
And out there in the darkness
Hidden in plain sight
The fuehrers of the future
Are growing stronger in the night

Before I Was Born

Oh, my God
All of the years I have wasted
Without name or form
Home unknown
Time untouched
Time untasted
Before I was born

What a nightmare it must have been
Atoms scattered in the wind
Though I have no memory of pain
It was empty and cold
At least that's what I'm told
I won't be going back again

Oh My God
All the years I have drifted
Sifted through a solar storm
Parts unknown
Unconfirmed and unlisted
Before I was born

I get chills up my spine
When I think about that time
Waves of nausea and dread
The look on my face
Well that's the haunted gaze
Of a man who's come back from the dead

I have no alibi
The years went by
14 billion give or take
I escaped with my life
They say you don't live twice
I will not make that same mistake

Oh my god
All the years I have squandered
As I wandered
Waiting to take form
Sight unseen
The dream undreamed
The thought unpondered
Before I was born

I Like What You Did to My Song

I was struck by an idea
And the shiver it delivered
Left me thinking that it might somehow be true
I used words to trace the meaning
And melody the feeling
And I pulled that melody through
A field of chords
And where the waves collided
They formed ripples
And the ripples amplified
The feeling and not knowing how or if it would be met
I sent it out across the great divide

With very few lines
And hemmed in by rhymes
My song was barely a sketch
There were holes in the verse where
The logic was threadbare
It was a bit of a stretch
But there, on the spot,
You connected the dots
As if you'd known it all along
I wrote it alone but you made it your own
I like what you did to my song

I can try and describe
What it's like to reside
At this junction of spirit and bone
I can work on your heart
With a conjurer's art
But I can't make you feel on my own
It's all of your tears
Over the years
That make it so sweet and so strong
I'll deny I ever said it
But you should get half the credit
I like what you did to my song

What's really strange is how well you read the changes
And how well you played your part
You stayed with me as we sailed from key to key
And you played it all by heart

I sit here tonight
Under the lights
With all of you there in the dark
The attention is nice
But it comes at a price
If it pushes us further apart
'Cause outside these gates
Solitude waits
It's winter is dreary and long
But for a moment in time
Our souls were entwined
I'll say it again and move on
I like what you did to my song