. . . on which we find our hero returning to the more expanded forms of earlier cds. Drummer Michael Burns provided rhythm for 9 cuts, which were then fleshed out with guitars and wurlitzers and reed organs and topped with crackling guitar solos from longtime friend Oren Bloedow. Along the way we amble through a quasi-Moroccan rave up, a mock French chanson, some jangly 12-string pop, some chilling chamber folk, and something like garage rock, all living and dying on the lyrics. Which are all about living and dying. Or living or dying. Lots of living, just the right amount of dying, all in a lively (recycled) package.

Speaking of packaging, here is a link to the outtakes from the photo session, proving conclusively, despite murmurs to the contrary, that the cover photo was NOT photoshopped, and that life was indeed endangered in the service of art!

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1. Make a Note of This

2. My Superpower

3. A Few Observations About Love

4. Fait Accompli

5. A Better View

6. We Make War

7. I am So Gonna Rock the Apocalypse

8. There Goes Despair

9. Amazing Healing Power

10. Why Not Me?

11. Ranshofen, 1889

12. Before I Was Born

13. I Like What You Did to My Song

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Michael Burns — drums
Oren Bloedow — guitar, bass
Daniel Fabricant — acoustic bass
Rob Reich — accordion
Marc Capelle — wurlitzer
Chris Siebert — organ
Richard Cohan — wurlitzer
Dana Lyn — violin and viola
Colin McGrath — string arrangement
William Mercer McLeod — photography
Monte Vallier — mixing
Myles Boisen — mastering