In the face of overwhelming cosmic indifference and entropy, Larry is pleased to announce the release of his third cd, "This Desert of Air." In contrast to the lavish arrangements of the two previous cds, he has stripped down the sound to all but the barest scaffolding of guitar and voice, only sparingly allowing himself the indulgence of accompaniment. This leaves listeners no legitimate excuse for not absorbing and, indeed, memorizing the pithy lyrics found therein.

The thirteen tracks were recorded at home over a six month period, all but a few captured in live takes, before being augmented with tasty sides of Larry on reed organ, mandola, and tin whistle. Guest musicians include Dan Cantrell on musial saw, Rob Reich on reed organ, Ralph Carney on clarinet, and Richard Cohan on piano. Musical geeks might be amused to note that all instruments on the cd are acoustic, as well as organic and free range.

Green geeks will be delighted to hear that no new jewel cases for used for this cd. The artwork and disc itself were set into 100% scavanged cd cases!

SONGLIST (To purchase go to CD Baby)

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1. Sleep Song

2. This

3. Earnest Went Out Of His Mind

4. Where The Hard Part Ends

5. My Reptile Mind

6. Eyeball In A Jar

7. It'll Be Over Soon

8. It's One Thing To Write A Song

9. Ordinary Man

10. Red Herring

11. This Will Never Happen To Me

12. Song For Catherine

13. Beautiful Little Thing

Links for co-conspirators

Bill McLeod, photographer

Nick Ducot, designer

Dan Cantrell

Rob Reich

Ralph Carney