"Can I Go Now?" continues in the long tradition of Larry Gallagher albums that began with his other CD three years earlier. Thirteen songs, thirteen universes. While Larry has a core band, he can't be stopped from arranging his music for all kinds of ensembles. "Try Not to Think About Bugs" features a wind quartet (bassoon, tenor sax, flute, oboe). "I'm Sorry For What My People Did To Your People" is accompanied by three accordions, which is the legal limit. Other instruments on other songs: theramin, B-3, ersatz tabla (voice), reed organ, clavinet, and - crazy as it may sound in the age of computers — a six-string acoustic guitar.

Here's a hint: listen to the words of the songs. Better yet, read them in the CD liner notes. If you can find a better songwriter, we (i.e., whoever is writing this) will give you $10, or possibly nothing. Good luck.

SONGLIST (Click on links for samples)

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1. TV Is Your Friend

2. It's Only Life

3. I'm Deep

4. Try Not to Think about Bugs

5. Martian Girl

6. I Am Better Than Your God

7. Fuck This Noise

8. Me and William Shakespeare

9. Tired of Me

10. You'd Look So Good in Clothes

11. Horny Teen Sluts

12. What Kind of Fool Are You?

13. I'm Sorry for What My People Did to Your People

14. Bonus track from CD-release party: The Nokia Variations



Lenny Gonzalez, cover photo

Oren Bloedow, musical guest (electric guitar)

Dan Cantrell, musical guest (accordion)

Kid Beyond, musical guest (vocal sounds)