Twenty-four musicians play on this album. There's a string quartet, brass band, banjo, bassoon, and farfisa, plus the usual guitars, bass, drums, etc. The insert features pictures of Larry as a child, and all the lyrics. What more could you possibly want for 13-ish bucks?

SONGLIST (Click on links for samples)

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1. The World’s Saddest Girlfriend in the World

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2. Show Me Your Flaw
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3. Shreveport
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4. Torn Apart
5. Nothing Left to Pierce
6. Disappointment Slough
9. Wimpy White Guys With Guitars
10. Beside Myself
12. Revolution



D. Gorton, cover photo

Iris Thorsteinsdottir, designer

Jim Tyler, Reed Organ Man

Singing Serpent Studios (mastering)

Joe Goldring, Closer Recording